Natural Herbal Remedies

Natural Herbal Remedies

100% Pure Herbal Extract

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Sour Sop (Guanabana) Natural Herbal Remedy (32oz.)

ingredients: Alkaline water, Sour sop (Guanabana) leaves and bark extract, ginger and plant based Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids (Linaza)

Soursop (Guanabana) or Graviola offers a variety of positive contents for human health, ranging from fruits, leaves, and even trees. The leaves in fact contain many benefits to herbal medicine which help maintain healthy body condition.




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Sour Sop (Guanabana) Natural Herbal Remedy (16oz.)

Soursop is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber (3.3g. per 100g. of fruit flesh)Consumption  of 100g. of Soursop fruit can meet 13 percent of the daily fiber requirement.

  • Vitamins C is the most dominant in Soursop which is around 20mg. per 100 grams of fruit flesh.

Guinea Hen Weed (Anamu) Herbal Remedy (32oz.)


Alkaline water, Guinea hen weed leaf and bark extract, Plant based Omegas, 3,6 & 9




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Guinea Hen Weed (Anamu) Herbal Remedy (16oz.) $15.99
Moringa Natural Herbal Remedy (32oz.)

Ingredients: Alkaline Water, Moringa leaves, Pod and seeds extract.

Moringa Oleifera, considered to be possibly the most nutrient dense plant/tree know to man. It contains; 92 Nutrients, 46 antioxidant, 36 Anti-inflamatories, 18 Amino acids and all

9 essential Amono Acids in a natural form readily absorbed by our bodies.

Moringa dried leaves have 17x the Calcium of Milk, 10x vitimin A of Carrots, 9x Protein of Milk and Yogurt, 25x Iron of Spinish 15x Potassium of bananas, 4x Chlorophy of Wheat Gras 2x Vitamin C.

Moringa Natural Herbal Remedy (16oz.)

Ingredients: Alkaline water, Moringa Oleifera leaf and bark extract and Plant based Omega extract. (Linaza)

Over 90 Nutrients and 47 powerful Antioxidants, 27% plant based Protein and 8 essential Amino acids, extracted from the leaves and bark of the Moringa (Oleifera) tree. Combine with Plant based Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acid which is high in Lignans, unsaturated fat and phytonutrients.

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Bitter Tea (32 oz.) with Bitter Melon




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Bitter Tea (16oz.) with Bitter Melon


Green tea, Bancha leaves, Black tea leaves, (Bitter Tea),Garlic Peppermint leaves, Red clover, Lemon leaves, Goldenseal root.

 Other Ingredients.:

Milk thistle, Fennel seeds, Slippery elm, Chamomile.Yellow dock, Buckthorn Bark, Zinc, Apple cider vinegar, Lemon juice, Amino Acid, Ginger, Comfrey root, St. John’s wort, Horehound, Wormwood, Amla extract (Indian Gooseberry), Mangosteen (China), and Black African Aloe Vera.



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Natural Herbal Remedies

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